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Experience the Warmth and Comfort of Hot Stones


First, I would like to talk about the stones that are used. There are many types of stones that may be used in a Hot Stone Massage, however, at Integrations the chosen type is “Basalt”. The reason being, that they are most noted for holding and retaining heat well. Basalt stones begin as volcanic rock that’s been left over from the molten magma of erupting volcanoes. After the molten magma cools and crystallizes, it is eventually tumbled into a pleasant smoothness by the action of waters in riverbed bottoms and on ocean shores…taking thousands of years to reach this smoothness. It is nice to be mindful that the stones themselves may contain great energy resulting from their journey. Before you arrive the stones are heated in a specialized roaster oven to a temperature ranging between 120 to 135 degrees. They are also sanitized before and after each treatment.

Next, as stated elsewhere, the stones may be used in conjunction with other forms of bodywork treatments. However, if you are receiving a traditional “Hot Stone Massage”, you will most likely begin face down and finish face up. Some stones will be placed in stationary positions while others will be active in the therapist’s hands as you are massaged. All strokes begin with Swedish massage strokes before bringing the stones into action.


Hot Stone Massage has many of the typical benefits that other massages provide, however, the heat generated from the stones can create an even deeper relaxed state, but it also assists in warming up tight muscles so that the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly. Also, aside from the deep muscle and tissue relaxation, it has a profound calming effect on the psyche.


As with all other types of massage, it is best to either abstain from or check with your regular physician when any of these are present: fever, infectious disease, cancer, broken bones, high blood pressure, HIV, hernia, osteoporosis. However, certain people should either not receive Hot Stone Massage or special considerations should be applied. It is not appropriate if you have diabetes, or are on medication that thins your blood. You should not get a hot stone massage if you have any type of sunburn. You also may want to reconsider if you are menopausal, as it may trigger a hot flash. In addition there is a HOT STONE CONSENT FORM that covers other considerations. It is required at Integrations prior to any session so you may want to check it out. See link under Pricing and Policies