UPLIFTING MENTAL/EMOTIONAL OUTLOOK    TO VIEW PAGE - CLICK HERE Embracing a mental/emotional outlook in life that lends towards obtaining and retaining vibrant health – does not mean ALWAYS being positive or only having positive thoughts. To the contrary, when we set ourselves up to think in such a way, we only bring in conflict. We then feel we have to choose between the opposites of positive/negative, good/bad, etc.

It is true that EVERY thought prospers and that each thought you think adds energy – either positive or negative – to the moment at hand. However, trying to force a positive thought “over” a negative thought or feeling, only gives more power to the negative. It is best instead to “BE AWARE” of any negative thoughts and feelings as they come in, giving your conscious attention to them, and then let your AWARENESS “move” you to a different place. When your mind is in conflict, so are your emotions and you do not move out of conflict by choosing between the two opposing positions. You move away from conflict by accepting both the positive AND negative together without making one better than the other – embrace both or neither.

Now the paradox, it is equally true that your life has only the meaning you give it and that you can choose to give it a positive meaning or a negative one. So, the question arises…what is your “overall perception”, or “filter” in life. Is the glass half empty or full? Half empty (lack) is the result of negative perception. Half full (abundance) is the result of gratitude and recognition of worthiness.  Are people always helpful or are they out to get you? If they are out to get you at any moment – the glass is half empty. Keep in mind, there is only “one fundamental energy” in the universe – and that energy may be applied either constructively or destructively – and (as I quoted in the section on ORDER under philosophy/formula), thoughts becomes things…whether it be an object, an emotion, or an event, we are sowing our seeds at every moment. REMEMBER also, mental currents are as real as electric, magnetic, or heat currents. So when “life” comes in…realize that you have a choice: whether to see it as positive or negative. You cannot force yourself to think positively but when negativity arises you can acknowledge the negativity – “see” what is happening, move through it, and KNOW that there is a better way…another choice. Ask yourself, WHAT SHALL MY HARVEST BE – regardless of what others are choosing.  (Nota Bene: The above material is a blending of ideas that comes from the *books listed below)




  • *“LOVE WITHOUT CONDITIONS” by Paul Ferrini
  • *“‘MASTER KEY SYSTEM” by Charles Haanel
  • “AS A MAN THINKETH” by James Allen