My Native American Indian Death
This is not only a good day to die, but a most beautiful one. It is sunny! I am 123 years old. I have maintained ALL of my health, beauty, youthfulness, and vigor. All my faculties are still working perfectly, and my life has been full and active right up to this very day. I have especially enjoyed the full experience of my sexuality, even in these later years…especially in these later years. But I wish to move on now, so I am going to lie down and rest and invite my Spirit to leave.
It has been an incredible adventure with much joy. I have traveled and been to many places – always discovering the uniqueness, and magnificence, of myself in each place, circumstance, and event. I have loved and I have been loved. And it was my Greatest Intention to either find love, and/or bring love to all the things I did and touched. I was successful and have done what I came to do.
I have always done my best to serve Great Spirit and Mother Earth – including creating harmony with the four kingdoms.
I have said my farewells and now I make this “transition” into familiar territory with great ease and ecstasy…for I have made this journey many times before. This time I am considering leaving this physical body and plane for good. I will move onto my next adventure with tremendous joy in my heart and deep Appreciation to Mother Earth for what she has given me – and opportunity for life on earth, with its richness of emotions. Thank You Great Spirit…Farewell now Earth…… 
Vibrant Health is found through:
  • ORDER – in the mind and thoughts – The concept “thoughts become things” has gained widespread recognition. ORDER, however, does not apply only to the creation of material things, but equally if not more so to order of the mind, where each thought is carefully analyzed. For where there is NOT order in ones mind (thoughts) it opens the door to chaos (negativety) – and chaos disrupts the atomic structure, the vibrational harmony that flows outward through all things. Order on the other hand brings peace out of confusion and gives tired energy an upliftment and increase in growth towards the outer realms of ALL existence.
  • BALANCE – in body/mind/spirit There are many kinds of BALANCE – balance of the yin/yang energies of the body, balance of the negative/positive aspects of the mind/brain, and balance of the spirit with the material. Balance of the spirit comes through Order of the Mind – without order the chaotic forces of negative vibrations upset our Balance causing each life to become an uncertain path. Expressing spirit within the material life, that vibration of true and great compassion for all, and the recognition of oneness, brings a constant flow of balance to all that your life touches upon. We have the gross material, and a finer etheric substance – these must maintain constant electrical vibratory frequency – otherwise imbalance occurs causing unhappiness in the material (molecular)  and then a “need’ for a re-energizing the etheric.
  • HARMONY – within and without Harmony is intertwined with balance and order…it is the “harmony” of vibration that touches on order and balance. Harmony is being in direct alignment with all vibration – the Eternal Mind. If harmony does not exist, there comes defeat – discord prevails and disease becomes prevalent.
  • GROWTH – creating “CONSTANT” growth in our lives Always learning and growing intellectually benefits the mind and body – but we are also talking about another kind of GROWTH here – It is “evolution”. Its growth from the earthly to the celestial.
  • LOVE Love cannot be expressed in just a simple attitude of physical yearning…I am conveying a Spiritual Love – a “force”…and energy so powerful and yet so misunderstood that words cannot justifiably explain it. But it does require  we open wide out hearts to a different kind of understanding.
  • COMPASSION …a giving of thought freely of “Appreciation” for the Beauty of every minute particle that vibrates upon the Earth…Appreciation of the full vibratory frequencies from here to Eternity – For Appreciation is but a subtitle to the word COMPASSION.
  • PASSION – what makes you come alive
  • BEING A LOVER OF LIFE…feeling the BEAUTY and APPRECIATION at every moment possible!
  • PURPOSE – for everything you do in life – and you get to decide what that purpose is
  • BEING PRESENT…consequently, it is about being able to meet whatever comes at us with a quality of equanimity…giving up worries.
VIBRANT HEALTH doesn’t necessarily guarantee longevity, however, longevity seems to be a topic of interest and concern these days, and it might just be a result! I cannot imagine anyone wanting a long-lasting life unless there was some sort of true quality to that life. I hope that we all have a rich life and find the way to just simply “transition” with ease WHEN we feel like we’re ready for a new and different adventure.

 I found this fortuitous!!! I wrote up the content for this post (in long hand) on April 22nd…jotting down all thoughts and observations. On May 2nd, I began typing it into Microsoft Word in order to modify, edit, and eventually enter into WordPress. A week later, through clients, I found out that this aired on 60 Minutes:

The above link is DEFINITELY worth watching and speaks to what I mentioned above..."that LONGEVITY seems to be a topic of interest and concern these days"...