Man must gain knowledge if he is to move beyond his past and present limitationsHowever, I would like to make it clear that I am not referring exclusively, or even primarily, to knowledge of an erudite nature. It is excellent and has a valuable place in the process of growth. More so, though, I am speaking of experiential type knowledge, but most importantly I am speaking of Self and Spiritual Knowledge.


In the Vishnu book “The God Within”, it states:

“as the child grows…it slowly winds its way through the channel of true vaginal expression that is within the scope of material existence, not as an embryo but as a fine image of the likeness of God and the fine expression of all vibration… Growth is needed from the carnal to the celestial…and it is the WILL of a person that decides what that growth will be”.

 Years will often go by before man begins to contemplate WHY he must grow, especially through the density of the material existence, yet this is of necessity! This is how man gathers a “fuller” growth pattern, and is able to give a higher understanding to the material world in which he lives…also, to gain the experience in the helping and teaching of others. For it is actually through the thought process of giving to another individual the respect due to the greatness of their spirit…and by giving that “supreme” thought, that we are led into the peace, the happiness, the understanding…of the “purpose” of being in a constant growth pattern.

According to Daniel R. Condron and his book “THE STAGES OF GROWTH”, there are Four Stages of growth (Infancy, Adolescence, Adulthood, and Wisdom)…and, there are also qualities of each stage of growth…and by knowing these different qualities, one is able to determine what stage one is in and then use that to the fullest for his growth. For example, the stage of growth know as Adolescence contains such qualities as curiosity, experimentation, independence, action, questioning, independence………the stage of growth known as Wisdom contains such qualities as peace,  longevity, objectivity, and identity.

About the stage of Wisdom, he goes on to say that you do not have to wait until you are physically old in order to be wise. I feel this is key! He says you can gain wisdom anytime you are willing to teach, share and give of what you have learned freely and without reservation, with an open heart and full of Love.


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  • “THE STAGES OF GROWTH” by Daniel R. Condron
  • “BASIC SELF KNOWLEDGE” by Harry Benjamin